Friday, June 22, 2007

Featured Family Friday

Jodi and I don't have as much simplicity, community, and service in our lives as we would like. However, we have taken some baby steps that help. Our search for simplicity is helped by the fact that we have a small apartment within walking distance of where I work, flexible low-stress jobs (songwriter and nanny), and don't have kids for the time being. We also don't watch much TV. Community has been difficult for us because we have typically traveled a lot, but my new job as a full-time songwriter means we'll be home a lot more. We've become friends with two families of refugees and asylum seekers here in Nashville, and our perspectives have been shaped by spending time with them and sharing their struggles.

We have a lot more goals and dreams in these areas than we do actual practices, which is why we're excited about working on that together with this group. We dream of living on a small portion of our income and establishing a charitable fund with the excess, of getting our (OK, my) veggie van running again, of living in closer community with like-minded people who inspire us, of becoming foster parents and/or adopting, of reducing our environmental impact, and of spending more time working with refugees and other groups that society has marginalized. We need your help! And we're willing to help you as much as we can as well. We're looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Peace,

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Sarah said...

You both inspire me! We look forward to living in closer community with you both and chasing after similar dreams/goals (although we do not have a veggie van to contribute to the group :)).