Monday, May 7, 2007

And so it begins...

A small group of Nashvillians met yesterday to discuss what this means to be a "follower of Jesus." We did not come to any conclusions but we did come up with a few ideas and more questions that followed.

1. Living in community is essential... but what does this look like?
Possibly it is about proximity. If we lived closer to each other, things like child care and sharing what we own are much easier. But how close should we live?
Possibly it is in the same neighborhood or even possibly in the same facility (a complex of small apartments with a common area where we all can gather and invite people from the community).

2. Living out a socially responsible life...but who does that include?
Possibly it includes the homeless, or the divorced, or the single mother, or the children living in the projects, or the workers in sweatshops.
Possibly it includes all Americans (rich or poor) who are lost in consumerism.

3. Living a simpler life...but how do we define that?
Possibly it is owning less things, giving more things away, or sharing our things.
Possibly it is working less hours (if possible), or saying "no" to the busyness of our lives/children's lives.

There are many more ideas floating out there with even more questions that follow. But, again, this is only the beginning of where we hope to go.


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

I'm so glad you've started the blog, Sarah. I appreciated the discussion yesterday & was sorry we had to leave early. We are really excited about the conversations & where it might lead us together in service to God & others.

Hopefully as this blog gets going, we can start a post to give an overview of what items we might have available for borrowing or trade. Or what services & skills we can offer each other.

lance said...

thanks for starting this. i think this will be better than the crazy e-mails.

Zane said...

YEAH. This is SWEET. Thanks for your time and effort in putting it together, Sarah. I'm gonna bring those books to you first chance I get---maybe Thursday---I'll give you guys a call beforehand. See y'all soon! Z

David said...

Thanks to Jessica for turning us on to this blog. I think some of us have had conversations or snippets in the past. I look forward to seeing what comes of this.

I have a standing offer (Malia isn't necessarily on board yet) to buy/move into a communal apartment complex or similar structure with fellow believers with plenty of room left over for whomever else might need space.

Sarah said...

Hi y'all. Just found out about this. I'm really excited about what God is doing! I look forward to hearing about all that's going on and finding out how i can get involved!

Justin said...

Hey guys,

My wife and I are all ready living in east nashville and doing some incarnational ministry, but its definitely tough to go it alone. I would love to get in on some discussions about what ya'll are planning on doing in this regard. I know there is an apartment for rent on one side of my duplex as well as a house for sale two doors down (2200 ft, 4 bedrooms, and 2 rooms without closets currently being used as bedrooms) We're nestled down at 19th and Electric Avenue and there are plenty of opportunities for being the hands and feet of Jesus all around.

Ginger said...

I am interested in simple living and intentional community; do members of this blog have any regular meetings?

Sarah said...

A group of us does meet on Sunday nights at a church in Nashville. If you would like more information, please feel free to email me (Sarah) at Thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I realize this blog has not been posted on in almost 4 years, but would LOVE to know how this idea has worked/played out for your community! My husband and I have this vision and would love to know more how God has used your community to fulfill this vision he gave you!

Would love to hear more! Feel free to email us at!