Wednesday, May 30, 2007

World Ark Magazine

More than 2 billion people in the world are living on less than $2 a day. If you don’t get the World Ark magazine, you are missing out on some great articles about this topic and so much more. Distributed by Heifer Int’l, the magazine promotes “Ending Hunger” and “Saving the Earth.”

Monday, David featured some movies that have helped him expand his world view. World Ark has helped me do the same. With book reviews, articles about the effects of Hurricane Katrina, catfish decline in Cambodia, overview of Free/Fair Trade & so much more, it provides some great information that will hopefully inspire us to get involved in making a difference in the world.

How can you get it?
If you donate to Heifer, you may already receive World Ark. If you would like to borrow or lend out the magazine, please post here. I would love to pass these along to others who would benefit from them.

Where do you get your world news about others in need? I’d love for us to share our best resources for learning about the world around us. >carrie.


Sarah said...

Carrie-We would love to borrow your magazines!
We find out some of our world news also through non-profit organizations that we have given to and they send us either newsletters by mail or email. Some of these include: International Justice Mission, Feed the Children/Abandoned Baby Center, and our favorite, Made In The Streets. I do like these updates because they keep me in touch with another side of the world that I can't see from my backyard or even by watching the evening news--unless it's the BBC!

Angie said...

Sarah and David gave me a subscription to Ode magazine last year for my birthday and Greg and I LOVE it! The tagline reads "For intelligent optimists". It is an international magazine, so I learn a lot about things going on in other countries - things you would NEVER hear about on the news. It is inspiring and challenging. This months feature article is titled "Love Thy Neighbor, For He is Me". Check out their website at Anyone is welcome to borrow any of our issues. Carrie, I would like to borrow one of your mags, too. Can you bring one to church on Sunday?