Thursday, May 17, 2007

Featured Family Friday

On Fridays this blog will attempt to feature the journey of a person or family with respect to simplicity, community living, and/or peace and justice making.

Here is where we (Sarah and David Wilson) find ourselves on the journey:

Upon returning to Nashville from Kenya in 2005, we decided to move into a smaller house in an urban community. To do so, we had to get rid of some of the furniture and other "stuff" we had. For example, we decided that we didn't need (or have room for) two TVs anymore, one being a big-screen -- instead, one "small" 32" TV would suffice. We forewent a garage and lots of storage space, which also meant we couldn't add more things to our house without getting rid of something. This has helped keep our appetites to acquire more things we don't need in check. (It would still be nice to have a few more closets, though.)

When giving gifts, instead of buying our friends more stuff that they don't need, we often opt to make a donation on their behalf to a charity we think they might appreciate. Most of us already have all that we need so we find that we are honoring the person we are "buying" for and also giving to a community (often third world) that is out of our daily reach to help. Here are a few that we have supported on different occassions:
Mother's Day-- Food for the Poor; Birthdays-- Made In the Streets, International Justice Mission, Amnesty International; Baby gifts/showers: Abandoned Baby Center/Feed the Children.


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

How are your donations received? We did this with neices & nephews one time & I sure don't think they got it. Didn't act disappointed or mad, but sure didn't care either.

Sarah said...

We have always had a good response. I gave to the alzheimers association in memory of my granmother (who passed away last year of alzheimers) and to honor my mom this mother's day and my mom said "this was the best gift she could have received." we have only done this with adults though and have tried to find a non-profit that they would have some relation with. I suppose with kids you could always try giving them a fair trade gift?

Angie said...

David and Sarah, thanks for sharing! It is so countercultural to downsize and not want to accumulate more stuff. You are encouraging to us! :)