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Mitsuyoshi Toge was born in Hiroshima in 1917 and was in the city when the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945. He died twelve years later. Toge wrote this poem about what he saw on that August day; it is taken from Hiroshima-Nagasaki: A Pictorial Record of the Atomic Destruction (1978).

How could I ever forget that flash of light!
In a moment, thirty thousand people ceased to be,
The cries of fifty thousand killed
At the bottom of crushing darkness;

Through yellow smoke whirling into light,
Buildings split, bridges collapsed,
Crowded trams burnt as they rolled about
Hiroshima, all full of boundless heaps of embers.
Soon after, skin dangling like rags;
With hands on breasts;
Treading upon the broken brains;
Wearing shreds of burn cloth round their loins;
There came numberless lines of the naked, all crying.
Bodies on the parade ground, scattered like jumbled stone images of Jizo;
Crowds in piles by the river banks,
loaded upon rafts fastened to the shore,
Turned by and by into corpses under the scorching sun;
in the midst of flame tossing against the evening sky,
Round about the street where mother and brother were trapped alive under the fallen house
The fire-flood shifted on.
On beds of filth along the Armory floor,
Heaps, and God knew who they were …
Heaps of schoolgirls lying in refuse
Pot-bellied, one-eyed, with half their skin peeled off bald.
The sun shone, and nothing moved
But the buzzing flies in the metal basins
Reeking with stagnant ordure.
How can I forget that stillness
Prevailing over the city of three hundred thousands?
Amidst that calm,
How can I forget the entreaties
Of departed wife and child
Through their orbs of eyes,
Cutting through our minds and souls?


Sarah said...

It's hard for me to read this and know what to say in response. It's also hard for me to read this and think that I live in the country that is responsible for this. I want to live my life each day so as not to cause pain in someone else's life. I may not do something so violent as Hiroshima but I need to be careful to not bring violence upon others but display peace in all my actions.

Anonymous said...

first i hated america for that bombing then i saw movie pearl harbor and now i feel its justified

Anonymous said...

I am 13 and have at my school we have just skimmed over Japans history. I was horrified when I realised the damage of the bomb that hit Hiroshima. I had heard of small effects of the bomb once before in a book called 'Brother in the Land', but I thought that it was an invention of the author. Although Japan did attack and cause damage to Pearl Harbour, I do not believe that America's actions are justified. Hiroshima killed an astonishing amount of people and radiation from the bomb will still be around today which can harm people that do not know that they are in danger. My view on the subject is that too many people thought that they had a right to get involved in world war 2 and it resulted in millions more unnecissary deaths.

Anonymous said...

Please understand the Japanese leadership at the time of WWII was not the peaceful leadership of today. The Japanese Empire of the early and mid 19th century was one of cruelty and conquest. Their goal along with Hitler was of world dominace and evil. Ask the Koreans how the Japanese treated them before these bombs ended the war... The bombs dropped, as cruel as they were, were the presidents only option to save untold millions of more lives. The next step to defeating Japan was an invasion of Japan. I for one dont believe even with all the allies strength and power could have pulled this off. The Japanese would have fought to the last man, woman and child. Spend anytime with their culture and you will realize this.

War is what it is. Kill your ememy until they lose their will to fight. Translation: Kill as many of them as you can, however you can. This has been how warfare has been fought since the dawn of time.

I have forgiven the Japanese for the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor and the way they treated the POWs. Different mindset in those days. I also believe they have forgiven the US for those bombs and recognize, although horrific and terrible...were necessary to end an even more horrific and terrible/pointless war.
Lets all pray for our leaders to not resort to military action. Once youre in for the fight, youre in the fight to the KILL. Period.

Nukes should be the last option, but when we are left with no other options, evil better find a bunker. Watch the middle east closely. The Israelies dont exactly have the same restraint has most western powers.

Anonymous said...

this was a horrible war,it was pointless as is all wars i had to do a report on this i dont know how many times i cried or threw up. its hard to belive our nation could sleep at night knowing that they had made hundred childen orfens or dead.i...i cant breath... ... ... ...
help me...

Anonymous said...

this war was germany's fault they should have paid not japan, they should have lost their kids... not japan, my cousins are there now. japan was wounded just because they chose the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

10,000,000 innocent Chinese civilians were murdered by the Japanese during their attempts at conquest. 3,500,000 brave Chinese military gave their lives defending their country against the invaders. How many orphans were made from those losses? How can the two bombs dropped to end the war even compare to those figures? Ive not even factored in the losses to the other Asian Islands or countries.

"If you're going to use military force, then you ought to use overwhelming military force.... All war is immoral, and if you let that bother you, you're not a good soldier."
- Major General Curtis Lemay US Army

People...listen. The only people who hope for war are the ones who have never been. Better pary for diplomatic solutions, otherwise the fight needs to happen as quoted above.

Japan had poor leadership at the time and evil intentions and paid a costly price. By bringing the US into the war by force, they "Awoke the sleeping giant."

Sometimes there is no other way to deal with insane people other than brute force. Once last quote and I'll close:

"...the lost land will never be won back by solemn appeals to God, nor by hopes in any League of Nations, but only by the force of arms."

- Adolf Hitler 1936

Sometimes, there is no negotiating with insanity.

Northern Africa and the Middle East will have to shed rivers of blood before the evil there is expelled. Too bad the solution isn't as simple as two bombs...otherwise I would be all for it.

Anonymous said...

It's sad...But it had to be.We had to end the war, and the quickest way to do that was to bomb Hiroshima,and than Nagasaki. Otherwise the Japanese would've never given up easly, it would've cost American lives along with Japanese many times the number that were killed.

Anonymous said...

If you justify atomic bombing because war is a war and the japanese people paid for inmoral leader, maybe you must think justify 9-11 in same way. Is absurd

Anonymous said...

YOU SAID: If you justify atomic bombing because war is a war and the japanese people paid for inmoral leader, maybe you must think justify 9-11 in same way. Is absurd.

I think you may have missed the mark when your read the other posts... The others have some pretty valid points. The bombs actually did save lives in the long run. Ever wonder why there were hardly any Japanese POWs? Because they were all trained and socialized to fight to the death! Okinawans believed the attacking Americans were cannibals. So they jumped by the hundreds off of cliffs rather than be captured. An all out ground battle on mainland Japan would have cost millions of more lives on both sides.

Japanese people paid for an immoral leader, so did the Italians and so did the Germans. They all got their asses kicked. But dont think the people were not behind them. Germans proud at the possibility of ruling all of Bavaria. The Italians dreamed of a resurected "Roman" empire. And the Japanese people marveled it was possible to be the lone superpower in all of Asia.

I dont see modern day Americans following the Bush's in the same (Let's conquer/rule the world) power hungry pattern the Axis did...sorry. Even your most extreme far far right Republican doesnt want to "rule" the world.

News Flash for ya: US has the second largest armed forces next to China and has the number one defense budget. US spends $405 Billion and in second place is Russia with $62 Billion. If all of Islam wants to unite and say US is trying to take over the world...let them know if the US wanted to, and didnt hold back, the could own half the world in 6 months.

Attack on the mainland US with conventional weapons is impossible. There are 273 Million Americans and 235 Million civilian owned firearms. This means 43% of US housholds own firearms.

Only way to attack the US is like Pearl Harbor but only with nukes.

I think most of us can guess how the US would respond with an attack like that?

So back to your orginal post...not seeing your point? 9/11 and the two bombs dropped on Japan linked by immoral leaders? I think your statement is unfounded. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

HU, in case you do not know them, USA actually rule the world right now, dont need to attack and put his flag in every corner ot the planet for that.US invaded iraq without consent of UN security council. Only a ruler it could do that. well, USA could conquer the world in 6 months? GREAT! but, what hell are doing US troops in afganistan since 7 years?????, Please somebody tell them they win! ¬¬. Okinawans has believed the attacking Americans were cannibals.? well, maybe the mutilated dead Japanese helped for that.
German and italian were defeated, the Russians prepared themselves for a war against japan. Japanese were doomed. And then USA bombing military objective?, NO. Horrible but necessary?, What a shame!!!!. 9-11 and Atomic bombing in hiroshima and Nagasaki produced civilian dead. was a war crime.

Anonymous said...

The US rules the world now? Wow...didnt know that. All hail King George W. Bush! Ha! How old are you if you dont mind me asking?

Know why the US has been there for 7 years and cant win? Because it's still trying to fight "Fair". If the US used its full military might, with no rules, then the war would be over in around two weeks, at the most. Wouldnt be any Taliban alive, or animals, civilians, plants, standing buildings or electricity, running water etc. But that is not allowed. But if it could, bet the enemy wouldve lost its will to fight. And if it did still have a will to fight, then just wipe them completely out. How can there be a war when there is nobody left alive to fight it?

This is how wars have been fought forever. It's not been since the invention of poison gas and nukes we came up with these "rules". Civilians have always been "considered" but it's never been a crime.

It's by definition NOW a war crime to bomb Hiroshima and Nakasaki. Wasnt back then... More died in the fire bombing raids on Tokyo than in Nakasaki. Nobody cares about that apparantly. Fire bombing civilian cities is now, by definition, also a war crime...

A definition, the US helped write and goes to great lengths to support.

You still have yet to connect the two events, of 9/11 and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as being related other than innocents died and by today's standards it is a war crime. Not finding your points very interesting either. Sorry.

Tell me you have something more to offer this blog...

Anonymous said...

Well, then USA cant conquerer the world in 6 months, maybe can destroy it in a few days, but no conquerer it, is diferent. The allied bombing in citys were, actually, war crimes, because the damage were civilians, also fabrics and enemy quarter. Maybe technology in 1945 dont been able to precision attack, but dont needed bombing all a city. Atomic bombing, mass rape of soviet army in berlin, a lot masacre in china, the experiment in jewesh of nazi etc, etc, etc, all of them were a war crimes and dont exist justificacion. Well what is the standadr for atomic bomb in 1945? was the first and second launched. Its atomic bombing a war crime now but was not in 1945? wrong!. at the moment of the bombing the international law for war times of The Hague signed in 1927 in art XXII say: It is prohibited the aerial bombing in the occasion of terrify the civil population, as well as the destruction of its properties and the aggression to the non combatant. This were for convnetional and atomic bombing. A crimes is a crime, dont exist justification. Also peculiarly at september 1, 1939 Roosvelt has sent an appeal to the governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland urging them all to announce publicly their determination not to launch air attacks on civilians.
Well, if you donf find interesting my points, please donT Waste your time to answer, maybe, somebody could. I think ironic answer dont offer much in this blog eiter in other place. See ya. PEACE BROTHER!

Anonymous said...

Actually that was your best entry to this "blog" yet. And it seems you and I are the only ppl posting on it. Thanks for your input. I like hearing other's opinions even if they differ from mine.

I think you are steering off the original main point I was making:

There are war crimes. Im glad there are and I agree they need to be inforced. And the genocide going on in North Africa must be answered for. Using rape as a weapon is indescrible evil and all those doing in the name of greed and power will answer for it, in this life or the after.

Slaughter of innocents for evil intentions is evil. I dont believe the US dropping those bombs were for evil purposes. Experimenting on and extermination of the Jewish prisoners in WWII was evil. Raping women in Berlin by the Russians was evil. Mutilation of Japanese corpes by US troops is evil (these were all examples from your posts I believe).

I think most rational ppl can see the line between what sends you to heaven or straight down (Terroists...Dont forget your fan and suncreen!!)

Having seen combat and knowing and studying war I think I have a very clear picture of its dynamics. All war is immoral! There is no gentle way to create widows and orphans. Peace is always the best alternative. I pray for peace. I pray for our leaders to work it out. However, when it comes times to take the gloves off. Winning is the only option. Armies do not send off their young men and women without the tools, strategies and training to win.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is very difficult. The enemy has studied how the US coalition uses rules of engagement and uses that to their advantage. If they even thought about meeting the US and its allies on the field of battle in a fair fight, it would be over in 12 hours. So ask yourself...what is right? Leave those ppl under Taliban rule? You want to talk about lawlessness!? Look up what punishments were for the slightest Islamic infraction(s).

Not sure where you are from, but the women's rights, equal opportunities are not the same as where I've lived (I've been to 42 countries now..lived and visited). Couldnt imagine it. Most of the stonings, beheadings and brutal punishments would come under the classification of war crimes.

So with the enemy mixed in with the innocents it makes things so much more difficult. Be thankful we have rightous ppl in charge of the world's most devastating weapons and exercise restraint. Otherwise Kabul would have been a sheet of green glowing glass for the next 50 years.

The war can be won without using weapons of mass destruction. Just need to cut off funding, recruitment, classifying the US coalition as "Infidels" and wiping out weapon resupply. Cant fight a war without weapons and ammo. They already have some weapons, but outside influences are still able to get them resupplys.

I am and always will be on the path of rightousness. My final stance on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is: At the time, it was the terrible/correct thing to do to stop evil intentions before MILLIONS lost their lives. I think the US, Russia, China, Korea, all the other allies and Japan ALL can agree on this point. Sucks, but IN THOSE DAYS it was the only sane option.

Just be thankful the Japanese didnt know the US had dropped its only two bombs and was out of them. If they had known the US was out, they would have NEVER given up. No matter was the cost of lives for their conquest of all of Asia.

Peace to you Brother!! Train for war, pray for peace!

Tusakano said...

You up there that says the U.S. could destroy every living thing in the middle east in two weeks..... It would take months unless we drop several nukes which would put us in debt another couple billion dollars..... Anyway if we did that other countries would see us as an immediate threat and bomb us.. All other terrorist and extremist survivors would get up do 911 all over again but it would be much...much...much...much...etc..etc.. worse.. You would not be able to comprehend the suicide bombings and plane jacks that would go on at that moment..

They would probably take over our power,gas,internet everything until we end up killing ourselves... The government will not be able to handle it.. Bush will resign and everybody will go killing themselves..

And nagasaki and hiroshima are not just the only cities to be A-bombed.. Quite a few others have been as well and for bombing germany instead of Japan... thats incorrect

What Germany did is nothing....nothing!!! But yes it was neccesary if we did not bomb them to show them who got the nukes! Japan would continue with world supremecy and N-S. Korea would be renamed new Japan....

Peace out homies and good luck in Iraq!!

Anonymous said...

That book sadako and 1000 paper cranes i know how she died now she died by the radiation of the bombs affect i am horrified that i am living in that country that did to hiroshima and nagasaki, why drop a bomb just to en things and kill innocent lives? U.s just should had settle it still with war not bombs wow bunch of loosers this really hurts me inside sadako should had been 50 something years old right now but ehh its what ever

Anonymous said...

Two posts up above...YOU SAID: There have been quite a few A Bombs dropped on cities besides Hiroshima and Nagasaki??

WTF are you talking about? Do tell, when and where and cite your ref(s), please.

Hey Bleeding Heart, above this post...Radiation isn't the only reason ppl die years after attacks, war or rude/mean behavior: Ppl die for hundreds of reasons after wars are over. Bad or lack of health care, severity of wounds, infection(s), Shell Shock (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)Suicide etc. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both completely rebuilt and flourishing now. You can get more radiation from having one X-Ray done than strolling for months in those towns. How long honestly does somebody live with his arm chopped off in Somalia after a raid on his/her village? Quit being so dramatic, please. n The story is sad, but war is hell. Pray for peace, prepare for war.

TO ALL: When will the world get it. The US does not respond very well to threats, terrorism or violence. If the US were to take action against an enemy, that was considered excessive, and pissed off the poor Muslims and unleashed an (un) Holy wave of Islamic Fury/violence...just take a wild guess at what the US would do in response? Wanna make another 9/11? Better kill every single American when you do it....oops, that will be hard to do.

The only hope the enemies of the US can shoot for is to get the Yanks to fight amongst themselves. If you provide focus on one common purpose, they will quit bickering/arguing and all focus on one thing and "Awake the Sleeping Giant."

"The More Thy Traineth In Peace, The Less Thy Bleedeth In War"

Anonymous said...

If the U.S. didn't drop the bomb at that time, the infrastructure of Japan would have been completely wiped out. Tens of thousands more Japanese would have died. Also, the Russian army(under communist rule) would have attacked Japan from the east and much of south eastern Asia would have fallen under communist rule. The U.S. couldn't let that much more people die just because they were afraid of criticism from people later.

Open your mind to the truth. It's there. said...

I happened to find this forum while doing a paper, and I must post something about it.

this is written as from the perspective of living in the 1940's era, so forgive the past/present tense mismatches.

maybe this can help shed some light, aside from nonviolent biasedness. and know this: had we not taken the actions as a country that we did, the world would be speaking either German or Japanese right now. keep in mind what your forefathers fought to give you, and do not attempt to put their sacrifices down, for that is an atrocity I cannot excuse.

Critics and Casualties
The Bombing of Hiroshima

The two Atom Bomb strikes in Japan have become an object of extreme controversy, and more importantly, the city of Hiroshima, where it is estimated that seventy thousand apparently innocent Japanese were counted as casualties after the strike. Those critical of the action cry injustice, and that Hiroshima was not a valid “military target,” being full of “non-combatants” and civilians.

Those supportive of the action taken by the United States correctly argue that the estimated death toll from both strikes is around a hundred thousand Japanese citizens – but not civilians. The popular Japanese dogma of fighting to the last man, to the death, with no surrender was a philosophy that was inherent to the Japanese way of life.

The proponents of our military actions also correctly argue that, while the casualties from the bombings are staggering when blown out of proportion by the critical sources, the cost of a frontal invasion of Japan, no matter how well planned, would have resulted in the death of nearly every Japanese citizen, and surely a comparable number of Allied soldiers as well.

Bushido is not a code to be taken lightly, and it would be a grave mistake to assume that any of the devout and even fanatical Japanese would have been so easily swayed by the sight of approaching forces. The only Japanese POW’s taken so far have been in extremely unlikely circumstances, and those POW’s are few and far between at that.

Critics and proponents alike, take a moment to rid yourselves of presuppositions and prior thought, and merely imagine this statistic:

The estimated casualties of the two combined bombings are 100,000 people all told.

The estimated population of Japan in 1939 is approximately 72,000,000 people – seven hundred and twenty times the casualties of the two bombings.

I, for one, find it highly unlikely that one can conquer an entire country of fiercely devoted fanatics with only 100,000 deaths. In lights of this reasoning and this incontrovertible evidence, bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the only possible option, and saved untold millions of lives.

Orlandokrazy said...

I have a question for the author.

Where did you get that artwork. Because it would really help my assignment.



david said...

Sorry Orlandokrazy, I've spent some time looking for it tonight but haven't been able to find the original source.
Of course, it can be found at the following, but I don't think that really helps you:

I haven't been able to find it on that website, though. I originally found it by searching Goggle Images for Hiroshima.
I hope you have better luck than me.

Anonymous said...

I am doing reaserch on hiroshima and i think what we did was wrong. i mean we could have dropped a couple of smaller bombs on their main economy building or something.I think it was bad because poor innocent children died along with other innocent people poor hiroshima

Canadian said...

I could not imagine having a bomb dropped onto my city, let alone a bomb that ruins you even if you were born 10 years later. That poem was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. But I don't blame USA because I'm sure it was one of the hardest decisions of their lives. Even though it was a very bad decision, their options were slim. Very sad though.

British - 15 said...

I think that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely unnecessary, the US did not need add thousands more civilian deaths to the toll. The cities were home to many thousand civilians and the bombings killed many of the civilians in the city and left many of the survivors to live with crippling injuries and illnesses induced by the radioactivity. The attack on Pearl Harbour also killed some civilians there but was no way on the same scale as the bombings on Japan. Also I think that instead of directly bombing the cities the US government should have perhaps fired a warning shot in the sea or away from the cities. Possibly outside the vicinity of a large city so that many would witness the terrible destructiveness of the atomic bomb and the government would have had an enormous amount of pressure into surrendering if they wanted to save their cities from the atomic bomb. But the massacre of human life that took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki still took place and many families were either completely destroyed or horrifically scarred from the events that unfolded in these two cities. Although some could argue that this was a necessary step in taking to end the war but I think that it did not have to take place as this loss of life consists of mainly civilian life and the target was the military population. The bombings also emphasises the cruelty and dreadfulness of war and of weapons of mass destructions.
Also if the World War II was the ‘war to end all wars’ then how come there have been numerous other wars since then and the bombings of the Japanese cities have achieved very little in the post-war times other than showing the awesome force of weapons of mass destructions.

Anonymous said...

it was horrible and the entire thing sucked..america did win that but its like going after your enemies family instead of them what hurts more

Anonymous said...

everybody till now on talked only about how mighty the us is, well i say that those people forgot something. the former US + SR. yes i mean the USSR. They had dropped the most powerful bomb ever created and that one still were a smaller version of the 100 Megaton bomb. so if the US would try to take over the world, Europe,Afrika,Asia and the others (sorry if i forgot somebody) will form an alliance with russia , because there will be no other choise. US will then need to bomb the whole world while the whole world is readying their enlarged tsar bomba's. so it would be very stupid from the US or Russia to attack cause they know that the cold war is over, And a could war will be armaggeddon. and then you have europe; angry about the americans destroying the planet with oil usage, and the russian politics. some land know that Europe is building up as a superpower, and they are trying to form up with europe. I have nothing against americans or russians, coloured people and not coloured people and so on. I only want to say that i would like to live my life in a good world. and i think a new planet will be found soon, and if that one is civilised, you will see, that we will be the invader. maybe if we have two planets the life is way more easy to live. but till then watch you steps everybody a third Superpower is growing.

Anonymous said...

Even though I think those people at Pearl Harbor did not deserve to have died like that, it was war, and they were the navy. And the Japanese? Those people were innocent civilians! Not the people fighting! Especially during wartime, those people at Pearl Harbor should have been prepared to die fighting. Thousands of them died there, and what about in Hiroshima? Over a million INNOCENT people had to die for reasons beyond their control. No duh things have changed since then but just think... Back then, which side outweighed each other in the right to kill the other?

Anonymous said...

the bombing was necessary to stop japan from the crimes they were commiting in asia. like the complete wipe out of korea as a country and the nanjing massacre etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I was a sergeant first class in the marine corps 1943-45. I seen action in Tarawa, Saipan and Iwo Jima and as a direct result of this I think the bombings were justifiable by the fact that the Japenese military would NEVER have surrended. When you observe firsthand how tenaciously the Japenese fought at Tarawa and in Saipan you would realise that their code of death before dishonor would have cost millions of lives had we invaded Japan. I lost too many friends and most of my right leg fighting. I, as was everyone else at the time, was tired of fighting.

Hannes said...

War is pointless in all forms. Stop blaming any nation for Hiroshima and WWII. It was the fault of every nation that was involved into this. I mean a part of the Uranium that was used for the nuke was supposed to be shipped to Japan by the germans(with german scientists, tons of blueprints, japanese generals and other important things. But then the war in Germany ended and the ship surrendered in front of an american warship. Imagine what could have happened to America if the delivery would have arrived Japan or if the americans would have dropped it on Germany or if the germans would have built the bomb. So stop blaming nations because the leaders of all nations that where involved in the WWII and other wars where/are the most brutal, evil and demonic terrorists that live on our earth.
Just the US has so much bombs to destroy the whole world and every human being several times. Today a nation could construct a bomb that would be 25000 times more powerfull than the bomb that has been dropped on Hiroshima.
I don´t know with which weapons we fight in the WWIII, but in the WWIV we fight with rocks and sticks - Albert Einstein.
Sry if i made some mistakes but english is not my mother tongue and i translated Quote of Einstein by myself.

Hannes said...

War is pointless in all forms. Stop blaming any nation for Hiroshima and WWII. It was the fault of every nation that was involved into this. I mean a part of the Uranium that was used for the nuke was supposed to be shipped to Japan by the germans(with german scientists, tons of blueprints, japanese generals and other important things. But then the war in Germany ended and the ship surrendered in front of an american warship. Imagine what could have happened to America if the delivery would have arrived Japan or if the americans would have dropped it on Germany or if the germans would have built the bomb. So stop blaming nations because the leaders of all nations that where involved in the WWII and other wars where/are the most brutal, evil and demonic terrorists that live on our earth.
Just the US has so much bombs to destroy the whole world and every human being several times. Today a nation could construct a bomb that would be 25000 times more powerfull than the bomb that has been dropped on Hiroshima.
I don´t know with which weapons we fight in the WWIII, but in the WWIV we fight with rocks and sticks - Albert Einstein.
Sry if i made some mistakes but english is not my mother tongue and i translated Quote of Einstein by myself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is not justified. Not by a long shot. To have seen so many innocent bystanders, american POWs, college students, and so many more obliterated and mutilated in that short space of time is so much to bear. Unless you were there, you have no right to say it was justified. Take a look at their scars and tell them they are wrong. If so, you have no heart.

perfect_imbalance said...

Damn, i hate America, and Americans.

Anonymous said...

america rules

Rei said...

Are you kidding me, everyone who thinks that the bomb was justified is obviously mental. After the first atomic bomb, the Japanese said that they would surrender, and even after that America proceeded to bomb Nagasaki. I think that 2 is just ridiculous especially under the circumstances. It was uncalled for. Do you understand the extend of cruelty and damage that existed after the bombs? Children's eyes melted inside of their sockets, and the pattern from their kimonos were burned onto their backs. That is not okay, ever, under any circumstances. This was a horrible time for Japan, and it will never be justified.

Mikako said...

I'm Japanese, so I admit in a way I might be biased. Sue me. But I also do know and acknowledge and feel deep shame for Japan's past, which I really can't avoid since I've lived in Korea for two thirds of my life now (which isn't much really, ten out of my fifteen years), basically next door to the Seodaemun Prison Independence Memorial (which I first visited when I was five and spent the entire time crying), not to mention all those Korean culture classes I had to take throughout elementary school- I burst into tears one time.
I agree with everyone one here who is basically saying that war is stupid. but then again, doesn't everyone say that? I actually stumbled onto this blog while working on this portfolio for school, with the basic theme of how war is stupid. And though I knew quite a lot for a high school sophomore about war already, being rather interested in the topic and having participated in my school's Model United Nations club for what is now the fifth year, this portfolio of mine has put a lot of things into perspective for me, with the help of visual aid.
You really should look at some of the pictures I found, like
e57a65975c355ed6&ei=5094&partner=homepage yep, all that's blood and
that one's pretty gruesome. I mean it's one thing reading about the War in Iwojima or Iraq or wherever and statistics and another seeing such pictures, right? So when I hear anyone who says that any war crime whether it's Pearl Harbor (which you know, some do say was justified, as the US had blockaded Japan and the people would have starved and died, or that it was even orchestrated by FDR, like the book Day of Deceit claims), or Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and you could claim that the bombings weren't necessary as Japan was already looking to conditionally surrender anyway, as long as the emperor was saved (which happened with the unconditional surrender anyway), and even if it hadn't, some say that the Invasion of Japan wouldn't have had such severe casualties (see Hiroshima's Shadow, or The Invasion of Japan: the alternative to the bomb). Besides, look at it- do you think half starved (or even healthy) women and children and 60+ year old grandpas fighting to death with BAMBOO are going to do much damage to Allied forces with GUNS?? Plus, the emperor only distanced himself as long as there was unity in the government. When disagreements happened over the surrender, he voted for the surrender, and even without the atomic bomb, some (just saying what I've read, ya know) say that he would have ordered surrender) ok. got off topic. But anyway, whether it was Pearl Harbor, or the Holocaust or Hiroshima & Nagasaki, or whatever, when I hear anyone say that ANY WAR CRIME, heck, any WAR is JUSTIFIED, it makes my blood boil. NO LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE BY ANOTHER'S HANDS WITH ANY CIRCUMSTANCE IS JUSTIFIED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD BRUTE FORCE AND MURDER BE EXCUSED! And did firebombing Dresden do much to shorten WWII? Did bombing Tokyo shorten it? No. Thousands of people were killed, but who's to say that the war was shortened? SO whoever said that killing as many of the enemy is justified in war deserves to be killed himself!
Like Timothy Steele said in his poem April 27, 1937, "That day in Spain has taught us, to our cost,
That there are lines that never should be crossed;
The ignorance of leaders is not bliss
If they’re intent on tempting Nemesis."

Anonymous said...

I honestly have to say it was just because thousands of American soldiers would have been killed in the invasion of Japan. Think about it, those people could have been our parents and grandparents, that would mean we wouldn't be alive right now. I know it was brutal, but it was necessary for the greater good of America.

Anonymous said...

Some of you gentlemen / ladies need to read up on your facts. I.E. Anonymous said... "first i hated america for that bombing then i saw movie pearl harbor and now i feel its justified"
Nothing justifies the dropping of the A-Bomb on civilians. Pearl Harbor was an attack on military personel, and sadly, the nearby area.
Anonymous said "I have forgiven the Japanese for the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor and the way they treated the POWs."
Yeah, cause you know, the Allies took Japanese PoW's and gave them a warm blanket and some hot cocoa. Japanese PoW's were brutally slain as well.
Anonymous said "10,000,000 innocent Chinese civilians were murdered by the Japanese during their attempts at conquest. 3,500,000 brave Chinese military gave their lives defending their country against the invaders... How can the two bombs dropped to end the war even compare to those figures?"
No amount of murder justifies more murder. The idea is that all peoples included were civilians. Not military personel. It's not like the Japanese people who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki personally went to China and massacre'd those people.
Get your facts straight people, before you try to justify the use of WMD's.
In World War II, there were no heroes. Americans, Japanese, Germans, Russians, and all other parties involved, were not heroes.

Anonymous said...

My family has just been moved to Japan by the US Navy. I can't help but feel much remorse for the bombings of this country. I cannot say if the bombs were a necessity or not, I mean, my parents weren't even alive when it happened... However, I somehow still be responsible. Every time I go out into town, I can't help but wonder what the thoughts of the local Japanese are in regards to us being here. Everyone is very very polite, but I always wonder if below their polite, friendly exterior, is there resentment, hatred, or possibly something more sinister? Are they only so polite, because of our vast presence and occupation of their country? I know when I was a child, the news reached our town that a Navy Base was moving into town and many many people were very displeased, Sailors do not always make the best of neighbors.

I am grateful that the war ended and I am very grateful for the hospitality and kindness I have thus far been shown by my Japanese neighbors. I do hope that it is genuine and not obligatory. I assure you, my friendliness that I am offering to them is genuine.

Anonymous said...

I am doing a debate in my A.P. history class about the decision on the bomb dropping on Hiroshima and if was political or military.
Ive learned a lot about WW2 and I believe that President Truman used the bomb to put an end to the war. It was a last resort and nothing else. He knew that innocent lives would be lost, but better the enemies then American men gone over seas to fight them.

In my opinion, people who say they hate America because of President Trumans decision is unpatriotic and should rethink their beliefs. Also, even though Japan was on the Germans side, they fought as hard or even harder then the Germans and were the first, in my opinion, that had to be delt with

Rikke said...

"first i hated america for that bombing then i saw movie pearl harbor and now i feel its justified"

I am disgusted. How the hell can atomic bombing causing such.. such living HELL be justified?? no matter what, it can never be. The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the most horrible and terrifying things that has ever happened in world history and i wish of all my heart that it will never be repeated.

It makes me cry to think about the innocent victims of WW2 and the consequenses of the atomic bombs..

Rikke said...

"I honestly have to say it was just because thousands of American soldiers would have been killed in the invasion of Japan. Think about it, those people could have been our parents and grandparents, that would mean we wouldn't be alive right now. I know it was brutal, but it was necessary for the greater good of America."

Greater good of America?? WTF, and you think the japanese were screwed up? do us all a favor and go hang urself. I am sure many americans are embarresed by u right now.
I just had to say this.
- btw, i am NOT from America!!

Hansol said...

I am from Korea and now I am exchange student, so I am living in America, Washington. Everyone in here would admit the evil thing that Axis countries did to other countries. I would not say any kind of killing people can be justified. Even though my people, Korean suffered a lot during WW2 by japanese, any type of bombing, I think, cannot be justified by all means. Because if you start justifing mass killing, that would lead to justifing war.
But the only thing that many Japanese, I would not say all japanese, are forgetting about what they did before. Have you ever heard of military comfort women? Japanese army forced many asian countries' women to prostitute themselves. Do you know what Japanese governments are trying to do about this? They just try to ignore it and they are hiding their history.
They also keep obey and admire the former Japanese leaders during ww2. The most problem that makes all other asian countries angry is that they don't regret about what they did before. They are just forgetting what they did, or intentionally try to forget. From here I can find the difference between Germany and Japan.
Think about this

Anonymous said...

I myself am torn on this subject. I see both sides, and I honestly cannot make up my mind. Does killing justify more killing? I don't think so, yet would the losses be just as great or greater if the war with Japan continued without the U.S. bombing them?

Here's some info on what the scientists had to say about the atomic bombs.

Here's what Truman had to say about about his choice to use atomic bombs (a ways down the page, starting with "We must help to the limits of our strength").

Anonymous said...

Will Japan ever take revenge from USA? Or now Japan is Surrendered forever?

I must wants to know the answer of my question because I want to see the destruction of USA as he did very bad with Japan in 1945.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like the majority of post on here are from people in the US. So it's not really surprising to see them spouting the same sorts of rationales they would have been taught straight out of a textbook in US high schools "the bombing was justified to end the war".

Also those posting that most countries and even the Japanese would agree with this view are sorely mistaken. My country, Australia has always expressed the deepest remorse about these events and condemned them, I believe Japan takes the same stance and would never see the bombings as 'necessary'.

All Americans should do the same, and before writing it off as 'justified' consider what it would be like if this happened in their town, to their family. Also consider what an insult it is to the people who lived through this horror to say that it was necessary.

What happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not justifiable, it was excessive and malicious, it was a clear attack on civilians and not military targets. Truman got it wrong, big time and Japanese civilians paid the price.

Arnold O. said...

On August 6th and 9th 1945, America committed an act. An act that some people think was well deserved, others think it was truly evil and others believe that it was the wrong choice but the only choice.
Despite what everyone thinks, in the end this was worst thing human beigns have ever done in the history of the world.
Sure, over the years many wars have been fought and millions of soldier have lost their lives in the process, and this would lead you to think that the death toll of Hiroshima and Nagasaki isn't so bad compared. Well, the difference between the two scenarios is in the other wars it was soldier against soldier, but in Nagasaki and Hiroshima it was soldier against inoccent, defenceless men, women and children.
Farmers, teachers, carpenters and school children. Husbands, wives, brothers and sisters all were targeted, there were no exceptions.
The man responssible for this inhuman act is truly a demon before my eyes.

Anonymous said...

the fist bomb was justified,but the second was not. we could not continue to lose american lives but they could have been allowed more time to surrender between the bombings.

Anonymous said...

no matter what is done, somebody will burn, somebody will die. There is no perfect solution. i feel pain and sympathy for the victims of war, on all sides, but he bombs did effectively end the second world war... i will neither condemn or celebrate this. War is a terrible but necessary evil.

Anonymous said...

I came across this while doing a project on why the bomb was NOT needed, and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Anyone who sincerely thinks the bombs were needed is just buying into lies, and I suggest reading the book "The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb" by Gar Alperovitz. This book clearly demonstrates that not only now, but even before the war, US military leaders knew Japan was already virtually defeated and would be forced to surrender soon. To put it bluntly, saying it would save lives was a cover up for their real intentions: bomb an "inferior" race in order to show Russia what the US was capable of, dare they try to threaten them. Japan would have most likely surrendered before a US invasion, yet even IF there had been one, the figures of probable deaths, which was presented to President Truman at the time, was 31,000 or less. The Atomic Bombs resulted in over 250,000 deaths. Unless my math is completely backwards, the Atomic Bombs resulted in hundreds of thousands of unneeded, and moreover, civilian, deaths.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The use of any kind of bomb is evil...but i think japan got what they asked for.if u sneak up on someone and cause them harm,u should be ready for what ever is thrown at glad the US is constantly trying to limit terrorist nations from possessing Nuclear materials(Iran for example).
Peace to the world.

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"Yeh Jabr Bhi Dekha Hai Tareekh Ki Nazron Ne, Lamhon Ne Khata Ki Thi Sadiyon Ne Saza Payee.."

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who says that the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki where wrong or terrorist attacks are dumb ass. The bombs were necessary to save AMERICAN lives. And Japan broke the deceleration of their surrender between the U.S. Great Britain and China. And the consequence for this was what Truman said was "Prompt and utter destruction." The bombs were the best decision Truman ever made.

For my Son said...

WWII history has been simplified to the extent that the average Joe believes he's an expert. The Japanese tried to surrender many times before the bombs were dropped. They were refused, because a point wanted to be demonstrated to the Soviet leadership. Many people suffered unspeakable death in a political chess match.

People tend to forget the simple fact that government is not the populous. Ignoring this fact allows you make oversimplifications and justification. It's unlikely the children and fisherman of these cities were an insane, war-mongering people any more than your Grandma in Illinois.

Morgan said...

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