Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sign the Petition

Only two US presidents have visited Africa during their term. President Bill Clinton was the first and President Bush plans to visit Africa this Friday. This news was very shocking to me. It's no wonder that helping developing countries in Africa has not been one of the top priorities of our country. (I am not saying that we don't do anything as a country to help, but maybe we would do more and keep our promises if our president actually visited these places.) Seeing the poorest of poor firsthand will have a dramatic effect on your life and how you choose to respond to it. I strongly urge you to sign this petition (link below) through the ONE campaign that is asking the next elected president to visit Africa during his/her first term as president.



lance said...

that is a very interesting statistic about presidents. i know a short visit had a huge impact on us. i cannot imagine how an extended stay would affect us...

Anonymous said...

of course you know that through many of our presidents billions of dollars of monetary aid has been dispersed, in particular to Africa, but i guess that is a lot like the church, just send some money and that will help with any guilty feelings of not really helping, not really being hands on and all. If there is someone in need write a check, stick a dollar in the basket, or even worse drop a dollar or some change on the street. Who do we think we are fooling, not God no doubt. Celeste