Monday, February 18, 2008

Voices of Sudan

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Anonymous said...

my daughter prays every night Dear God please stop the fighting in Darfur, she is 7, i believe God hears her prayers, we sit back and think how sweet it is that she prays that every night, never skips a night, but we are also thinking how sad, how can we explain to her that there are so many unspeakable things happening there, then i wonder we are the weak ones, who am i to doubt that her prayer will not be answered, faith of a mustard seed, i'm not close in a political situation, but her heart is pure and she has faith, is that the problem? shouldn't we all pray with the faith of a mustard seed that something can be done, that God will, or God will send those who can intervene, He has obviously intervened in the heart of the people there, even in dispare many find hope and the children can smile and sing. i did think it was interesting that the clip is about giving voice to the Sudan people, and the beautiful children are clapping and singing and clearly have worked on their presentation to the camara, knowing that Americans will see it, and then what happens their voices are cut off and a pop singers voice fades in..... hummm are we really going to listen to their voices, can we not give them more then 30 seconds to sing to us??? i don't know, again maybe it's all about 'art' and 'effect' , but the beautiful voices of the ones its all about were not heard.... makes me sad