Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Best Things in Life are Free

As a stay-at-home mom of a 4-month old, some days I begin feeling "trapped" inside the house. So this past Saturday, my husband told me that he would stay home and I could go anywhere I wanted. As he began to suggest ideas, we realized that most of the things cost money. "Go to....Starbuck's, Target, Borders, Blockbuster." Now, I'm not saying that any of these places are bad, but it is interesting that as a culture we are so driven by spending money to make us happier or to entertain us. There have been countless times that I have bought a new outfit because I was feeling down, wanted to reward myself, or for some special holiday/event. There are other times where I want to get together with friends and we suggest going out to eat, going to the movies, or meeting for coffee. I enjoy doing all of these things so it is hard for me to suggest something different.

What if instead of:
Going shopping, we shared/exchanged clothes.
Buying a book or renting movies, we borrowed from a friend or went to the library.
Going out to eat, we shared meals in our homes (plus you can visit longer with friends and don't feel rushed out of a restaurant).
Going to the movies, we went to a park.

Here are some events around town that are free in the summer:
at Centennial Park: Shakespeare In The Park, Movies in the Park (although ended in June :( )
take kids to Sprayparks: Watkins Sprayground, Kirkpatrick Spray ground, or at the Bicentennial Mall (near Farmer's Market)
at the Frist Center: Last Friday of the Month (May-October) are free concerts and free admission to the Frist

Does anyone else have any ideas for free things to do?


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Lance & I try on each other's clothes for fun all the time... ;)

Ms. Cheap listed free things to do in Nashville a month or so ago. The link is on my blog, but here it is again. Hope this works...

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

umm...that was a joke about 'sharing & exchanging clothes." but i guess a joke isn't funny if it requires explaining. i'll do better next time.

amanda said...

kinky! hee

i'm a huge fan of supper clubs & game nights. the best big purchase of spring 2007 was what i call the 'girl grill'--a modest $50 red, Aussie charcoal stand-up grill. it has provided loads of patio fun w/ neighbors, life group, old friends, and new friends. please pass along your grill tips and recipes if you have!