Friday, July 27, 2007

Featured Family Friday

There is currently a break in family's who have signed up to post on the Featured Family Fridays. So, I thought I would take this oppurtunity to recruit...YOU! If you can share from any of the following questions/topics below, please comment to this post and I will sign you up for a future Friday. Or, you can email me at

  • How does your family display Jesus' teachings of nonviolence?
  • How does your family respond to a homeless person or needy family?
  • How does your family strive for simplicity?
  • In what ways does your family live out community?
  • Does your family have easy ways to protect the environment?
  • What are creative, God-pleasing ways that you use your money?
  • In what ways does your family counter "envy" that arises from "keeping up with the neighbors?"

These are just a few ideas and maybe you have ideas of your own that you would like to share. Maybe, you even have answers to some of the questions that the Stanleys (last Friday's post) shared. Also, I keep using the word "family" but do not want to imply that this feature has to be from a married couple with 2.5 kids. We would love to hear from single, married without kids, single with kids, empty-nesters, and any other status I have not mentioned. Maybe you grew up in a family that displayed some of these things and could share how your parents lived this out. Whatever the situation, whatever the response, even if you read this blog regularly but never comment and we don't know you, this blog would love to hear from YOU!


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